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Patented Selfie Stick Iphone Case

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Selfie Stick and Protective Case in One!

A sleek and seemingly average phone case that MAGICALLY transforms into a selfie stick with one quick pull.  The ULTIMATE selfie casing built with premium aluminum for the best protection.  This is a cell phone case and selfie stick all-in-one.  The iPhone fitted case is a simple hard cover that is relatively thin.  That is, until you add the 30 inches of collapsible aluminum to the  backside.

The stick part of the selfie stick case is a length of aluminum that is tightly packed into the backside of the case, Tetris-Style.  The user slides the base of the stick out until it reaches two and a half feet.  Then, adjusts the case on the rotating joint to get the right position.  Then, let the narcissism commence.

The case also has a kickstand feature for setting your smartphone in the landscape position so you can continue to film yourself, hands-free.  The backside of the case is sort of a book-like design that open up, teepee style.

When the selfie stick first hit the scene, it was hugely popular and practically everyone at the special event or tourist location had a three-foot smartphone extender sticking out and getting in everyone's way.  It got so bad, that the selfie stick has been banned at a lot of locations, like Comic-Con, Disneyland, and even Wimbledon.  Well, now you can take your selfie stick with you wherever you go without being harassed by staff.  All you have to do is collapse it back into its case and play innocent when asked to hand it over.

It offers one button operation by wireless remote.  This case also operates as a kick stand for your phone.  This innovative case has a back shell with integrated telescopic tubes that is held at the back of the case.

Now you can take your selfies without bringing extra equipment.  No more carrying different gadgets to capture the perfect picture.  It's compact size, removable Bluetooth remote, case with kickstand and fully built-in selfie stick, makes FLIP IT your perfect on the go companion, saving you time and space!

Compatibity: iPhone 6(s)/iPhone6(s) Plus iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus

Functionality: Selfie Stick and Protection Case

Length: 2.75 inches/7cm

Weight: 110g/140g

Material: Light Metallic Alloys